Thursday, 20 August 2015


The good thing about clearing out all my WIPs, is that I can go through my stash and decide on new projects to knit. Last week, I sat down with my boxes of yarn and my pattern folders, and started to match up the two, waiting for inspiration to strike. Unfortunately, most of my stash is single balls, which makes it really hard to find good patterns. I love the search functions on Ravelry, as you can look for patterns using the yarn, or a similar yarn, and see how things worked out when someone else knitted the same pattern.

Eventually, I chose a couple of balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed 4ply. They were in slightly different shades of blue, but there wasn't much yardage on just one ball, so I decided to use them together. The Skye Hat pattern on Ravelry was free, and promised to use just one ball of yarn. As it turned out, I needed to use both the balls, which was perfect! I finished it off with a wee pom pom in bright pink. This is my new favourite hat. It was a bit of pain to knit, as there were so many stitches in 4ply, and if I did it again I'd maybe knit it in the round rather than flat. However, the pattern looks lovely even though it's quite simple, and it's so comfy and fits perfectly.

I also dug out some Rowan Handknit Cotton, picked up for £2 a ball in the John Lewis sale. It's the colour of sunshine, absolutely beautiful, and I wanted to knit something that would do it justice. Four balls wasn't enough for an adult garment, so I chose a baby pattern by Sublime. I've knitted this before lots of times, and have learnt from experience to knit the button bands as part of the garment, it's way too fiddly otherwise. Sewing up a garment with this cotton is hard because it's so thick, but it seemed to work out ok in the end.

Seven balls of yarn out of the stash - now to move on to my next project!

Monday, 10 August 2015


Life's too short to knit things you don't like. I've been tidying up the house recently, and finding lots of projects that I started years ago. I just don't have any enthusiasm for these things any more, and I can't see myself wearing the finished products. What's the point in spending hours on a project you detest? No point, I decided, and I have charity shopped a good few items. Yesterday I got rid of a 4ply vintage sweater in progress, leaving only three WIPs. This is an unheard of situation for me, so of course I had to cast on a new project! These are the July Gloves from an old issue of The Knitter, using some Rowan Scottish Tweed 4ply in a nice rusty red colour. I got the yarn super cheap, and each glove takes a few hours to knit, so they're quite satisfying.

I also finished some other stash projects in the past couple of weeks. I used up the last of my red All Seasons Cotton, making a winter hat and a pair of cute mitts with wee bow buttons.

I had some more Rowan wool from a charity shop, tweedy Aran, which made a quick Brick sweater. There were a few problems with picking up stitches for the neckline, but I got there in the end!

Finally, I finished off the sleeves of a rather bright zigzag sweater from an old issue of Simply Knitting. This one's only been on the needles for a year, and I'm not sure I like it. It's got a mistake in the patterning on the front which I can't unsee, but I'm not unpicking it all to fix it. Although it's a bit full-on to look at, it's really warm, so I will probably wear it at some point.

Now to sort through the stash and find some more projects to add to my list!