Monday, 10 February 2014


I spent most of Christmas making a giant crochet blanket from Attic24's Granny Stripe pattern - many hours of frantic crocheting, which eventually turned out like this!

I have to confess that I didn't actually start it at Christmas, the cast-on chain was made in January 2013, but then I didn't do much over the course of the year. Look at the colours! It's so warm and cosy and lovely and bright and colourful, a proper snuggly cheering-up blanket.

After finishing the blanket, I had lots of yarn left over - not enough to make a full blanket, but too much to be thrown away. I decided to use Attic24's ripple pattern to create a rainbow cushion, and here is the finished result! The inner pad is a 12" feather cushion from John Lewis, and the buttons on the back are vintage finds. My starting chain was 45, and I did 5 repeats of the stripe pattern. It's lovely and soft, and I still have lots of yarn left! Time to find a motif pattern, I think...



  1. Your blanket looks amazing!

  2. Your blanket looks amazing! It would brighten any room and make the user feel better, with all of those amazing colors.

  3. That blanket is HUGE. Well done for finishing it. It will get a lot of use.