Saturday, 14 December 2013

Meet Maisie!

There's a great magazine called Mollie Makes, which is always bursting with ideas for all sorts of different crafts. It's full of inspirational pictures, links, and articles, and I just had to buy the latest issue because of the free gift which came with it. First though - look at these lovely pinecones! They're made with just a bit of felt and glitter, so simple that I'll have to try them at some point soon.

However, this is the real reason I bought the magazine. There was a free gift attached to the cover, a kit to make a tiny little doll. I sat down for a very happy hour of cutting out lots of felt shapes, and then spent another hour or two sewing them together. The finished result is so cute!

I decided to call her Maisie, and here she is sitting on top of my scraps of yarn. It was great fun doing all the embroidery and working out how to make her hair look just right. I used a red coloured pencil to make her nose, and give her wee pink cheeks. The base of the doll is made with pipe cleaners, so she can be moved into different positions. I haven't decided what to do with her yet, so she's sitting on my windowsill for now!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Super Quick Knitting!

Tonight I knitted for three hours, and ended up with two cowls. Here are the patterns in case you want to make some last minute Christmas gifts!

This cowl was designed by Paulina Chin, and uses one ball of Sirdar Big Softie knitted on 10mm needles. It's ably modelled by my flatmate, but a ginger beard is not required to pull off this look! The cowl only takes an hour to make, it's sooo easy, and it's also incredibly cosy.

The second cowl was something that I just invented as I went along, and I made it in two pieces, but I think it would be better knitted in one piece. With that in mind, here are the instructions for what I would have done if I had spent some time thinking before I knitted!

Using super chunky yarn (I used unlabelled stash scraps), and 10mm needles, cast on 60sts. Either work flat and seam, or join to work in the round. Work 26 rows in garter stitch. Cast off. Edge the cowl with double crochet, either at the top or at both sides. Wear and enjoy!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Baby Knits

I've been taking a break from Christmas knitting, and made this little baby set as a gift. The brief was "girly but not pink", so I chose some blue yarns out of my stash. I've been trying to get rid of stash yarn for quite a while now, and this set used up 3 balls - yay!

First up is this helmet, knitted from a Sirdar pattern, using Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots DK. It's a really quick and simple little pattern that I've used before, and the yarn has pretty flecks of colour in it. I decided that the ear flaps weren't quite long enough to fit under the chin comfortably, so I omitted the button hole and added little crochet chain ties instead.

I've also got a lot of cotton in my stash that needed using up, especially this Patons 100% Cotton DK. I'm not usually a fan of mercerised cotton, as it doesn't knit up very evenly sometimes, and the finished effect can be quite hard to the touch. This stuff is lovely though, and I thought it would be perfect for a slightly structured baby jacket.

The pattern is from a Sublime hand knitting book, and it's a cute classic design, much like the old fashioned matinee coats that were popular in the 1950s. I do love a vintage design updated for the modern day! I adapted the pattern to knit in one piece to the armholes, and added little daisy buttons for a pretty finishing touch.

Here's hoping that it will fit the baby, and that her parents like it!