Friday, 7 January 2011

New Patterns

I've just released three new patterns in my Ravelry store.

First up is the Sweetheart Hat, a design for babies and toddlers. It’s generously sized with a picot brim, and knitted in super soft yarn. Make it in the colours shown here for girly cuteness, or try more vibrant combinations for a different look.

Next, there's a hat for grown-ups. This hat combines the softness of butterflies knitted in flecked tweed wool, with a hint of dark gothic style. It’s pleated at the top, and is finished with a small bobble and a picot edging. The butterflies can be decorated with beaded detail, or left plain as shown here.

Finally, these gauntlets were made to match the Gothic Butterfly Hat. If using the suggested yarn, the hat and mittens together can be made with two balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK and one ball of Felted Tweed. The thumbs can be knitted in the main colour, or in the contrast as shown.


  1. do you know a pattern for a hat in the shape of a butterfly? i need one for my school's talent show. i have searched the web 50000 times (no joke)! HELP ME

  2. I haven't seen one, but you could try joining up to and searching the patterns there? Alternatively, making one out of fabric might be the easiest option. Hope you find one soon!

  3. Hi, I had found you while looking for vintage patterns and noticed your blog, I think your work is great. Love the hats and mitts. Julie.C