Sunday, 2 August 2009

Crochet football

I've finished my first real crochet project! It's a football from Simply Knitting magazine, and although it was supposed to be for H, F hasn't let go of it since I sewed the last stitch! I used cotton yarn from my stash for the outside, and white cotton fabric for the lining.

The crocheting was easy enough to do once I got into it, but it took me a while to work out how to do the lining. I had to cut out pentagon shapes, and maths has never been my strong point. My old protractor was dug out for the first time since I did my GCSEs!

I'm inspired by the success of this project, so I'm working on a rug for the kids' room now, and would like to try a doily at some point. Crochet is more fun than I thought - now I just need to learn to do it without looking so I can watch telly at the same time!


  1. It looks really good - the lining put me off doing it though. I've never lined a ball before as I've always knitted balls.

  2. It looks fab!! I hope I can figure out crochet stitches when I am away on my holiday!! If I could do even one pentagon then would be happy!!!

  3. you did a great job! never thought of crocheting a football lol!