Friday, 8 May 2009

Cosy cushions

I finished my knitted cushions for the living room this evening, and they are so cosy! I used Sirdar Supersoft Toddler Aran, as my husband and son both have eczema and would be irritated by wool. Acrylic will be hard wearing as well, which is an extra bonus. The patterns came from Simply Knitting magazine, and were designed by Sophie Britten. The cushions only took one and half balls of yarn each, so they were cheap as well as quick and easy to make.

Here they are sitting on my sofa - I've changed the picture to one in daylight. The colours are pretty much true to life, with one chocolate brown and one sort of mocha coloured.

Now I can start work on the sewn cushions, which will be a much bigger challenge for me. I'll dig out the sewing machine tomorrow, and have a read through tutorials of how to sew in zips. They're going to be terracotta red with chocolate brown piping, so the colours should tie in nicely.


  1. Beautiful! What a great idea.

  2. They are gorgeous!

  3. beautiful work they look really nice even in bad lighting!

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments! I've put a better picture up now as well.