Monday, 6 April 2009

More test knitting

Here are some finished pictures of my latest test knitting ventures. I'm finally reaching the end of my to-do pile!

First up, the Laced Leaves cardigan by Carol Feller. Here's a front view...

...and a back view, which shows up the lovely pattern.

I also finished test knitting the SOLI sock for the Cupcake Factory, which is in aid of the charity Streams of Life International. I love the wavy effect of the pattern, and here's a snap of the finished item.

This picture shows the pattern much more clearly.

I've really enjoyed doing all these test knits, but I will be glad to have some time to finish off outstanding projects and work on some of my own designs for a change. My garden is also calling desperately for attention, so now that summer is definitely on the way I'll be able to get stuck into the wilderness and make it all pretty!


  1. That's sweater is beautiful, it really suits you! And those socks look cozy...

  2. What lovely things. Great cardi and very cute socks. What fantastic knitting skills you have.

  3. ooh I love the cardi! well done!