Sunday, 19 April 2009

Busy weekend

This weekend I finished the sample and test knitting I was doing for Abstract Fiber. It's all parcelled up now, ready to be sent off. I test knitted fingerless gloves with a braided cuff, which taught me a new technique. The cuff was cast on with a provisional cast on which gives you two sets of stitches, and then knitted sideways. When it's long enough to go round your wrist, you kitchener stitch the live stitches to the extra cast on set - a perfect seamless join! I really like the end result.

Here's a close up of the lovely braided cuff pattern as well.

I finished the test knitting just in time, as one of my work colleagues asked me to help her with a fancy dress costume. She's off to a hen night as She-Ra, and needed to make armbands and a gold emblem for the front of her dress. I love a challenge, so volunteered to take the whole thing home and finish it off. I made the pieces double sided and sandwiched some wadding in between them, then quilted it to show up the details. Here's a photo of the finished pieces - I did try to get my son to model, but he wasn't too keen!

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  1. Wow! Loving the She-ra costume. I'm always trying to get my 5 year old son to model stuff too and I always fail. lol! Great fingerless gloves too x