Saturday, 21 March 2009

Latest crafty makes

I've been doing so much frantic knitting recently that I decided to have a wee bit of a change. I picked up a whole pile of cross stitch kits in a charity shop a few weeks ago, so I dug them out and chose a cute little rabbit to try. The finished result looked great, and I'm going to use it in a cushion, so I decided to do another one for my mum for Mothers' Day. They're called "Somebunny to Love" and really are the cutest little things.

Here's the one for my mum, all framed and ready to give her tomorrow.

Apologies for the bad photo, the glare on the glass means that you can see my hands holding the camera. I also made a Mothers' Day card with some offcuts of the paper that I used when framing the picture.

Finally, here's a picture that I've been wanting to post for ages, but my camera has been refusing to take good quality pictures for some reason. I felted a man's sweater some time ago, and used it to make a bag. The decoration and lining are made from a paisley pattern silky scarf, which was a nightmare to sew with. I'm pleased with the finished result though - here it is...

...and a shot that shows the lining.


  1. Aww that bunny is so cute!!! Lovely!!

  2. Love the bag! The lining is really nice *drools*

  3. Love the cute cross stitch and card - your mum is lucky!

    That bag is fantastic - lovely colour and the lining was worth the trouble.