Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tidying the stash

I had an hour to myself today, so went for a wee stroll round the charity shops in the town. I've been needing a new sewing box for ages, and was pleased to find an old filing box for £1, and a nice glass screw-top jar for 99p. I also picked up a pink woven woollen scarf and a piece of purple material, which I'm going to make purses with - only £2.48 for the pair.

Finlay "helped" me to sort out my sewing things, which was an interesting experience! Here are my buttons all together -

and here are some close ups of the most interesting ones.

I love sorting through my stash - I always find things that I forgot I had, and get lots of inspiration. I found some buttons that will look good on the pink purses I'll be making, and I have started to felt the scarf in the washing machine. I also discovered lots of ribbons, laces and sequins, which looked pretty all together.

Progress on my Dad's jumper is going well too - I've finished the back and have cast on the front.

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